Pile of lemon wheels
Making Your Own Preserved Lemons Is Almost Too Gratifying
Preserved lemons last in the fridge for a long time, and every part of them, excluding seeds, is edible and can be added to dishes. However, store-bought varieties can cost a lot.
Making preserved lemons or any other citrus fruit, for that matter, is easy. Start by cutting clean lemons in halves, quarters, chunks, or wheels, ensuring the pulp is exposed.
Cover the lemons in salt and layer them in a screw-top Mason jar, adding more salt as you proceed. Then, pour in lemon juice, submerging the lemons fully, and close the lid.
You can add spices or herbs to the jar for added flavor, but this step is optional. Refrigerate the lemons for three to four weeks and use them as you would use store-bought ones.