Bacon being cooked in grease
Make Your Bacon Grease Stash Last Way Longer With One Extra Step
Cooking with bacon grease adds a delicious flavor to your food. When cooked in a pan or skillet, leftover bits of meat can mix with the grease, making it harder to save.
Those bits will burn, adding a nasty flavor, and the meat can rot before the fat, ruining the entire jar. To make your bacon grease last longer, filter it before refrigerating.
To do so, place a coffee filter in the opening of a jar. Once the grease has cooled but not solidified, pour it over the filter into the jar, ensuring nothing shifts out of place.
A metal mesh sieve or cheesecloth will also work, but the former might let the smallest bits of bacon sneak through, and the latter isn't commonly found in home kitchens.
Moreover, grease has a habit of sticking around even after a vigorous scrub. Hence, compared to a sieve or cheesecloth, disposable coffee filters are more than ideal for the job.