Cake pops against a white background.
Make Starbucks-Style Cake Pops From Store-Bought Sugar Cookies

Starbucks cake pops are delicious and portable treats that are easy to make, and the homemade version is just as satisfying and more budget-friendly.

For example, you only need soft, frosted sugar cookies to make Starbucks' birthday cake-style pops. Blend them into a crumbly batter in a food processor or mixer.

Add moisture with a scoop of buttercream or cream cheese to lessen the sweetness. Roll the batter into small circles and put them onto a baking tray in the fridge to set.

When ready, put sticks in the bottom of each one and dip them into the coating, then arrange them on a flat surface where they can stand upright.

Personalize the outside of the cake pops to your liking. Add a coating of nonpareils, a dusting of rainbow sprinkles for a confetti look, or mini-chocolate chips for more crunch.