Celebrity chef Giada DeLaurentiis.
Make Out-Of-Season Tomatoes Taste Better With Giada De Laurentiis' Tip

When celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis craves the familiar taste of tomatoes when they’re out of season, she turns to a tried and true trick: caramelizing them in the oven.

When preparing tomato-centric dishes "off-season" like fresh bruschetta or Caprese salads, the Italian chef roasts tomatoes, transforming them into something sweet and savory.

De Laurentiis prefers to prepare Campari, cherry, and grape tomatoes in this manner, first coating them with olive oil, salt, and torn basil, but it works with any tomato variety.

Depending on the oven's temperature and the tomato's size, the fruit should be ready within 35 minutes. De Laurentiis then uses them warm for her dishes.

Ensure the tomatoes are washed and dried to remove potentially harmful bacteria. Once rinsed, thoroughly dry, as moisture will prevent oil from coating the surface and stop caramelization.