egg salad sandwich
Make Egg Salad Without Mayo Using This Creamy Ingredient Swap

Most egg salad recipes call for mayo to introduce some creaminess, but there's a creamy ingredient swap that transforms egg salad without compromising texture: cottage cheese.

Once you're done boiling, peeling, and chopping your eggs, stir in a few dollops of cottage cheese into your mixture for a velvety salad that’s perfect as a side dish or spread.

Cottage cheese also has the added benefit of having more protein and less fat than mayo, making it the perfect ingredient to get a little more nutrients into a meal.

Unlike mayo, cottage cheese has a delightfully bumpy texture due to the presence of curd lumps in it. These show up in your egg salad and add a complex mouthfeel.

If you're set on having a uniform, creamy texture in your egg salad or just find the lumps in cottage cheese unappealing, you can try blending the cheese in a food processor.

You can expedite the preparation process by blending in some boiled egg yolks and other savory, flavorful ingredients to slather your chopped egg whites in a rich, yellow sauce.