Luma blood orange drink in a can and glass.
Luma Soda: Here’s What Happened After Shark Tank

In April 2019, "Shark Tank" featured Jim Otteson's Luma Soda. Realizing his habit of drinking Diet Coke was unhealthy, Otteson created his own brand of flavored beverages.

Barbara Corcoran and Kevin O'Leary enjoyed it, but Lori Greiner did not. The sharks enjoyed the blood orange flavor, but they did not prefer the citrus or cola flavors.

Corcoran and Cuban had positive words for them but declined to invest. O'Leary advised Otteson to sell off the remainder of his inventory and leave Luma behind.

It appears that Otteson may have done just that. As of mid-September 2018, Luma Soda stopped posting to its Facebook page and didn't respond to comments on previous posts.

Amazon no longer sells the product, labeling it "currently unavailable." It looks like Otteson bowed out of the beverage business before the Shark Tank episode even aired.