Glass of pickle juice and pickles on wooden cutting board
Leftover Pickle Juice Performs Wonders For Homemade Bread
Using pickle juice in a bread recipe can subtly add the juice's signature sourness to the bread. The vinegar and yeast’s interplay also yields a higher rise and softer texture.
To incorporate pickle juice into your bread, replace some or all of the water in the recipe with the juice. If you're not proofing your yeast, proceed directly to the bread-making.
If you are proofing your yeast, heat the pickle juice before adding it to the yeast. Follow the rest of the recipe as usual, and bake the bread in your oven or bread maker.
For a more savory flavor, consider incorporating chopped pickles or diced olives. If you desire an extra burst of dill flavor in your bread, sprinkle in some chopped, fresh herbs.