Bottles of ketchup lined up
Ketchup Marinade Is The Key To Crackly Hot Dog Bliss
While there are many condiments and ingredients to add to a hot dog, coating it with a quick ketchup marinade can help take your meal to a whole new level.
To make the marinade, combine ketchup, soy sauce, minced garlic, vegetable oil, and your mustard of choice in a bowl before pouring the mixture into a wide plate.
Next, run a skewer through the hot dog lengthwise. Use a sharp knife to score it diagonally four times on each side without cutting all the way through.
Roll the hot dog in the marinade several times using the skewer as a handle until it is fully coated. Grill the hot dog until the slices open up and it becomes charred.
The sugars in the ketchup and soy sauce will caramelize during grilling, creating a sweet, savory, garlicky crust that crackles as you bite into them.