Bread in a breadbox.
Keep Your Bread In An Old-Fashioned Box And Never Look Back

Some people think of bread boxes as nostalgic pieces on countertops in the mid-20th century, but bread boxes are actually smart places to store your baked loaves.

A bread box can extend the shelf life of your loaves and even add a touch of style to your kitchen. Bread boxes help bread retain moisture and prevent it from drying out.

Good bread boxes have small holes to allow air to circulate. This lets the bread breathe, discouraging mold growth that would occur if it was trapped inside a plastic bag.

If the bread sits out on the counter, it takes in too much air and dries out. Inside a bread box, some air gets in, but not enough to cause the loaf to lose all its moisture.

Bread boxes have a nostalgic appeal and are still available in whatever style suits your kitchen the most. Just make sure whatever bread box you choose has adequate air holes.