Two glasses of iced tea with straws.
Keep Home-Brewed Iced Tea Fresh By Avoiding These Mistakes

Three common mistakes can affect iced tea’s freshness: choosing the wrong water source, the brewing method, and adding flavor ingredients to the pitcher.

If using a drink dispenser, ensure the spigot has been cleaned and disinfected daily to reduce the risk of contamination. Iced tea that looks or smells different should be dumped.

Iced tea can be brewed at home using several methods. Among these, steeping tea leaves in boiling water for three to five minutes is the safest drink preparation method.

Typically, iced tea has a shelf-life of up to three days, so it's best only to brew what you will consume within that timeframe to ensure your beverage remains fresh.

If you flavor the drink with fruit, liquid sweeteners, dairy, or herbs, avoid adding them to the entire batch because they will allow bacteria to thrive.