Julia Child smiling
Julia Child's Shell Trick For Picture Perfect Poached Eggs

When preparing poached eggs, the white spreading out and becoming a wispy mess is a common problem. Luckily, a trick from culinary legend Julia Child can help solve the issue.

To start, prick the egg’s large end with a pin to let any air out and prevent cracked shells. Then, pop the eggs, still in their shells, into boiling water for eight to 10 seconds.

Within those few seconds, the eggs will already be on their way to a nicely rounded oval shape, with the whites starting to firm up even before the poaching process starts.

To ensure your poached eggs are perfectly formed, lower the poked eggs gently into a pan of boiling water using a slotted spoon and lift them out after around 10 seconds.

Then, crack them into a wide, shallow pan of simmering water to poach. Give them a gentle nudge with a spatula in the water to help them retain their roundness if needed.