José Andrés
Jose Andres Reinvents The Omelet For His Favorite Childhood Sandwich
Chef and humanitarian José Andrés’ favorite sandwich filling is an omelet with flavorsome extras, a nostalgic delight that reminds him of the sandwiches his father made for him.
In addition to the omelet, the sandwich contains tuna, tomato, and furikake. He described the flavors as the "most beautiful and tasty thing" he has ever eaten (via YouTube).
Andrés opts for regular white sliced bread, which he smothers in creamy mayonnaise. He then tops it with the omelet, tomato sauce, and pieces of good-quality canned tuna belly.
The chef sprinkles his sandwich with a store-bought furikake mix to enhance flavors and add crunch. The savory Japanese condiment contains nori, fish, herbs, and sesame seeds.

For an even easier version, Andrés makes the omelet in a microwave by whisking eggs with mayonnaise in a microwavable container, then cooking it to creamy perfection in one minute.