Joanna Gaines smiling for the camera
Joanna Gaines Perfected Her Biscuits With An Unexpected Addition
Joanna Gaines, the famous home renovation and design guru, is also well-known for her culinary skills. Her biscuits hold a special place in the stomachs of her family and fans.
Joanna's quest for the ultimate biscuit made her experiment with various ingredients and methods until she found the perfect pantry staple and baking technique that finally worked.
While biscuits typically contain flour, leavening agents, fat, and milk or water, Joanna utilizes the power of eggs. They ensure her biscuits are airy and light but never dry.
Eggs can retain liquid, making baked goods more moist and rich. In Joanna's recipe, eggs work in harmony with the cold butter, buttermilk, baking soda and powder, and sifted flour.
These components create a blend of leavening agents, fats, and grains, yielding a tender crumb that melts in your mouth. Eggs also aid in the biscuits' airy lightness and height.
As for the trick that makes her biscuits exceptional, after rolling and gently kneading, she arranges the cut biscuit dough in a way that lets the biscuits touch during baking.
This ensures the biscuits support each other as they rise in the oven, which prevents individual biscuits from spreading too much, keeping their height and structure consistent.