The outside of a McDonalds
Japanese Fast Food Joints Have The Perfect Sanitation Solution For Your Phone
Washing your hands before a meal is a basic hygiene practice, but touching your phone before eating nullifies the benefits. A Japanese company, WOTA, has a solution for your phone.
WOTA created Wosh, a handwashing device that also features a disinfecting phone sanitizer. The company says the 30-second process provides 99.9% sterilization.
Wosh is a barrel-shaped contraption that requires only a power source. The portable hand-washing system reuses water utilizing an AI-powered filtration process.
The device has a slot where users insert their phones. It descends into the slot before a lid shuts and a UV light, which fights bacteria for 9,000 hours, sanitizes the phone.
In 2020, Twitter user @shao1555 made a video post of the phone sanitizer function on a Wosh in a McDonald's in Japan, which gave the Wosh widespread attention.