Ina Garten holding a mic
Ina Garten's Undercooking Tip For Incredibly Moist Chicken

If ending up with a tough, rubbery chicken cutlet has led you to give up on chicken breast and use more lenient cuts instead, a simple hack from Ina Garten might change your mind.

As the celebrity chef suggests on her Instagram, start by removing the chicken breast from the heat source once its internal temperature is around 155-160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wrap the meat in foil on the same pan it was cooked in and leave it for 10 minutes. The insulation will let it reach 165 degrees, which the USDA says is the safest for poultry.

Letting the chicken sit helps its protein relax. While cooking makes the cut tight, the rest time lets it loosen up and reabsorb its juices so they don't run out when it’s sliced.

These factors ultimately result in a more tender cut. Note that wrapping the meat in foil is crucial, as the meat cools at a slightly slower rate under the foil than when exposed.

Since the residual heat finishes cooking the chicken, you'll want the warmth to linger for a bit longer. Hence, follow Garten’s advice and wrap the meat in foil as you let it rest.