Celebrity chef Ina Garten laughing
Ina Garten's Supreme Comfort Food Sandwich

Ina Garten has an affinity for comfort food that’s proved by her cookbook “Modern Comfort Food.” On Instagram, she shared that one of her favorite comfort foods is the tuna melt.

Garten recommends Spanish tuna packed in glass jars to make the best tuna melt. However, you can also opt for a variety packed in olive oil (rather than water).

For cheese, Garten likes the nuttiness and meltiness of Emmental. You could also use Gruyère, gouda, or cheddar, which melt similarly to Emmental.

Don't forget to grate the cheese, as doing so yields far superior results to any store-bought shredded version.

Garten says to use a good version of mayonnaise from the grocery store. She's known for using Hellman's, but some other top options are Duke's Mayonnaise or Kewpie.

Avoid mayonnaises that are overly sweet or have unnecessary additions so that the rest of the ingredients in the sandwich can shine.