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Ina Garten's Store-Bought Alternative For Thanksgiving Mashed Potatoes
First published in 1999's "The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook," Ina Garten's Parmesan mashed potatoes recipe originally called for cooking several pounds of red potatoes.
The recipe then required mixing the potatoes in a stand mixer with parmesan and other creamy ingredients, with the entire process taking at least 45 minutes from start to finish.
Garten's updated version takes way less time. She mixes sour cream, Italian Parmesan, butter, salt, and pepper with store-bought Bob Evans mashed potatoes in a double boiler.
Garten has tried all the frozen mashed potato brands, so Bob Evans is probably the best option. However, you can always swap it with your favorite variety.
You can also add other ingredients Garten has used for other recipes over the years, like goat cheese or garlic mashed potatoes.