Celebrity Chef Ina Garten in front of pictures of recipes.
Ina Garten's Sauce Tip To Stop Chicken From Getting Soggy

Chef Ina Garten has a trick to prevent skin or breading from getting soggy when cooking chicken: rather than pouring sauces directly onto the chicken, spread them around the meat.

This preserves the poultry's crispy texture and prevents washing away all the flavorful seasoning from the top of the chicken.

To prevent soggy chicken, make sure the poultry is dry before cooking. Use paper towels to blot the skin, meat, and bones on each side.

Flip the meat and pour wine or broth into the pan, as Garten suggests, avoiding pouring it directly on the chicken. To prevent steam from forming, avoid covering the dish.

Instead of bathing crispy chicken in sauce, place the fried chicken and cheese in the broiler for a minute to melt the cheese, and layer tomato sauce on top or around the dish.