Ina Garten with a plate of food in a kitchen
Ina Garten's Preferred Kitchen Tool For The Crispiest Possible Hash Browns
While waffle irons are primarily used to make syrup-topped breakfast treats, some cooks, including Ina Garten, like to use the devices to cook other things.
Garten uses her Belgian waffle maker to make hash browns that are crispier than ones cooked in a pan. It's also faster and easier to cook the potatoes this way.
Unlike skillet hash browns that use diced potatoes, waffled hash browns are best with shredded potatoes, to ensure that the spuds cook evenly and form a cohesive waffle shape.
You can make your own waffled hash browns by shredding and peeling potatoes, then removing excess water by squeezing them with paper towels, which prevents sogginess.
Combine the potatoes with a beaten egg and a little flour, then season them with salt and pepper while you preheat the waffle iron to medium-high and grease the inside.
Add roughly ⅓ cup of potatoes to each of the four griddle sections in an even layer. This amount may vary depending on the size and model of your waffle maker.
Close the iron and wait five to 10 minutes for the hash browns to cook. If they're steaming and not browning, they may have excess moisture, so press the lid down harder.