Celebrity chef Ina Garten speaking.
Ina Garten's Preferred Brands For Basic And Luxury Store-Bought Pasta

The brands of pasta Ina Garten includes in her online shop are De Cecco and Cipriani. Both are high-quality, artisanal pastas made in Italy and have long and storied histories.

The more economical option for everyday meals is De Cecco pasta, which comes in various shapes. One pound of De Cecco pasta costs as low as $2.99 per box.

Throughout her cookbooks, Garten names De Cecco as her preference for spaghetti, fusilli, penne, and bow ties — which De Cecco sells under the Italian name of farfalle.

De Decco's dough is made by traditional methods, all of which give it its robust flavor and firmness, and maintains the final product's nutritional value.

For luxurious dishes, Garten opts for organic egg pasta by Cipriani, noting that its tagliatelle noodles are perfect as an upscale version of fettuccine. Half a pound costs $11.