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Ina Garten's No-Bowl Technique For Removing Corn From The Cob

Cutting corn kernels from the cob tends to shoot them all over the kitchen. However, Ina Garten's mess-free, no-bowl method is a great mess-free way to shuck corn.

The hack — which Garten demonstrated in an Instagram video while promoting her cookbook "Cook Like a Pro" — only requires a sharp knife and a clean kitchen towel.
In the video, Garten placed a kitchen towel over a cutting board before cutting one end off the cob to create a flat surface and help it stand vertically.
This safety measure keeps the cob from rocking while being cut and prevents accidental injuries. Garten suggests using a sharp chef's knife to avoid leaving kernels on the cob.
Drawing the chef's knife from the top of the cob until it touches the cutting board, Garten removes the kernels in neat rows as she quickly works around the entire ear.
The towel cushions the kernels as they fall, preventing them from spring-boarding, and doubles as a file for corralling the pieces when folded in half to move everything to a bowl.