Ina Garten carving roasted turkey
Ina Garten's Gravy Hack For Hassle-Free Thanksgiving Turkey Is Genius
On Thanksgiving, it's not uncommon for the turkey to take much longer to cook than all the other accompanying dishes, which can be frustrating.
However, according to Ina Garten, you can eliminate that turkey-timing nightmare by cooking and carving the turkey beforehand and nestling the slices within a warm bed of gravy.
Pop your turkey into the oven early that morning or the day before and let it roast, checking often. Then, carve it into plate-ready slices, just as you would do it tableside.
Spread a thick puddle of gravy onto an aesthetically pleasing oven-safe baking dish that’ll go directly from oven to table. Then, lay the turkey slices across the gravy.
Reheat it all before serving, being sure not to overdo the heating time to keep the turkey from drying out. Drizzle some chicken or turkey broth over it for some added juiciness.