Ina Garten
Ina Garten's Favorite Cookie Recipe Is A Real Crowd Pleaser
Chef Ina Garten, known for her simple yet elegant recipes, combines two beloved classics and adds a touch of glam to create her delicious salty oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies.
Garten's cookies combine the tastiest elements of chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin recipes, adding a unique twist with fancy sea salt for an enhanced flavor and delightful crunch.
The classic chocolate chip cookie gets a texture and flavor upgrade by using chopped, good-quality chocolate bars instead of chips, ensuring a melty, varied texture throughout.
She also includes old-fashioned oats for flavor and texture and dried cranberries in place of the usual raisins, offering a tart contrast to the sweetness and enhancing chewiness.
Garten adds kosher salt to enhance the dough, and her unique finishing touch is a sprinkle of French fleur de sel on top, adding a delightful crunch and flavor depth to each bite.