Ina Garten laughing with a mic
Ina Garten's Bread-Freezing Hack Is A Total Game Changer
Culinary expert Ina Garten’s method for freezing bread ensures your favorite loaf can always be enjoyed at peak freshness and solves the issue of wasting leftover bread.
Garten prepares bread for freezing by cutting the loaf into four equal chunks, wrapping each chunk tightly in foil, and then placing the wrapped chunks in a freezer storage bag.
To defrost the bread, she warms the foil-wrapped chunks in the oven at 375 ° Fahrenheit for 15 minutes. For room-temperature bread, leave the chunks in the refrigerator overnight.
Her method reduces the risk of freezer burn that comes with freezing bread in individual slices. If you freeze a sliced loaf whole the slices often end up tightly welded together.
Storing a loaf whole in the freezer is an option, but it doesn't solve the problem of wasted leftovers unless you are saving the bread for a family gathering or dinner party.