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Ina Garten Uses A Special Coffee Grinder For Her Homemade Spices
When celebrity chef Ina Garten needs to grind a homemade spice mix for one of her delicious recipes, she reaches for her Krups coffee grinder, an essential gadget in her kitchen.
The Krups grinder, featuring one-touch operation, can handle coffee, spices, nuts, and herbs with ease. Priced at around $20, it's also a budget-friendly choice.
Grinding releases the spices’ aromatic oils, yielding a fresh, robust flavor that pre-packaged blends lack. You’ll need to clean the blades regularly to remove any residual oils.
Clean the gadget by grinding a quarter cup of raw rice to absorb any oils left on the blades, then wipe with a paper towel. Avoid using soap and water as this can lead to rust.