Ina Garten laughing and holding microphone
Ina Garten Refuses To Use These Plates When Hosting Parties
Chef Ina Garten, renowned for her dinner party prowess, recommends using plain white plates over colored or patterned dishware to promote elegance and enhance the meal's appeal.
She prefers white plates to keep the focus on the food, although beige or other light hues can also work. To make a statement with dishware, opt for unusually-shaped white plates.
Science supports Garten's choice: a 2022 study published in Foods revealed that dishes served on white plates taste better, likely due to their enhanced visual appeal.
Garten prefers white for both individual plates and large sharing dishes. She favors a self-service approach to cater to guests’ preferences and dietary needs, and to reduce waste.
To add color to your table, Garten suggests using vibrant cloth napkins, which can conceal stains with patterns and match themes or floral arrangements for a cohesive appearance.