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Ina Garten Is Driving Old-Fashioned Pepper Mills Back

When Ina Garten posted a clip on Instagram making homemade croutons, a viewer asked about her pepper mill. Garten replied, "My pepper mill is called PepperMate, and it's the best."

The smell of fresh ground pepper triggers our salivary glands to prepare for digestion. Pepper loses its flavor and aroma after its shell's broken, so grinding it fresh is crucial.

Since the mid-1800s, when Peugeot introduced its pepper mill, manufacturers have played around with the design, offering models with a knob twist, crank, ratchet, or motor.

When purchasing a pepper mill, you'll want to invest in a durable one with ceramic, high-carbon, or steel mechanisms and an adjustable dial for changing the grind's coarseness.

Most adjustable pepper mill models are controlled by a screw on the top of the cap that loosens over time, but PepperMate has a knob on the side.

This knob isn't linked to the grinding dial, so it stays where you set it. Moreover, pepper mills can typically cost between $3 to over $1,000, but PepperMate costs less than $40.

While most models use a small funnel to refill the chamber with peppercorns, scattering them everywhere, PepperMate has a large opening for the job.