Ina Garten smiling in a kitchen
Ina Garten Boosts Her Margaritas With One Secret Ingredient
While lime juice is fundamental to the classic margarita, chef Ina Garten, known for her simple, delicious recipes, adds depth and complexity to the cocktail with an extra citrus.
The lime juice’s acidity enhances and balances the flavors in a margarita. Garten also includes the juice of one lemon, about two tablespoons, in a pitcher that serves four to six.
Although both juices can make you squint due to their bitterness, lemon and lime flavors are not interchangeable; lime has sourer and slightly bitter notes, while lemon is sweeter.
The other essential margarita ingredients are tequila and triple sec. Garten serves hers blended with ice which naturally waters down the cocktail, mellowing the citrus punch.
While fresh, regular lemons feature in Garten’s recipe, the juice from sweeter and milder Meyer lemons also works well, especially with a mix of sugar and salt on the glass's rim.