Ina Garten in kitchen
Ina Garten And Nigella Lawson Share A Preferred One Pot Dinner
Making dinner daily can be exhausting, so take a tip from chefs Ina Garten and Nigella Lawson and try their simple, go-to one-pot meal: chicken with orzo.
To make Lawson’s version of the recipe, brown a whole chicken in a casserole dish or Dutch oven, add oil, and place it breast side down to cook for three minutes on high heat.
Then, add minced garlic, lemon, carrots, leeks, salt, chili flakes, and tarragon. Cover with 6 ¼ cups of water and boil it before it goes in the oven for an hour and 15 minutes.
Add orzo toward the end so that it soaks up the broth. Lawson likes to present the whole chicken in its pot at the table before shredding it and serving it.
In her version, Garten prefers using dill, saffron, thyme, and parsley. She first browns the chicken in hot oil, then removes it and sets it to the side while she preps the veggies.
She then adds carrots, celery, leeks, and fennel to the Dutch oven and sautés for up to 15 minutes, then adds the garlic and cooks for another minute.
After adding seasonings, Garten puts the chicken in the oven for an hour and 15 minutes, adding orzo in the last 20 minutes. She then breaks it up and serves it in shallow bowls.