Cooked chitterlings in sauce
How To Use Boiling Water To Prep And Clean Chitterlings
Made from pigs’ small intestine, chitterlings date back to America's pre-Civil War era, when enslaved people creatively transformed these undesirable parts into delicious meals.
Also known as chitlins, this traditional soul food delicacy is primarily prepared for special occasions and holidays, continuing a family tradition in many southern homes.
Proper cleaning of chitterlings is crucial due to potential contamination with harmful germs. The first step involves peeling away the outer membrane and removing visible debris.
Next comes the boiling water. Chitterlings are boiled for up to 20 minutes with repeated water changes to ensure all impurities and dangerous bacteria are removed or destroyed.
After cleaning, they are cooked by boiling with seasonings, frying in breadcrumbs, or stuffing. Chitterlings are served as a side dish or eaten with cornbread and collard greens.