A plate of lo mein with chopsticks.
How To Substitute Lo Mein Noodles In A Recipe

You may not always have the right noodles for when a craving strikes, but swapping them around is easy. The best substitute for lo mein noodles is chow mein noodles.

Both are essentially the same thing. Lo mein and chow mein are famously confused for each other, and the noodles used in both are the same.

The only difference is that while chow mein noodles can be fresh or dried, lo mein is best made fresh. Also, dried noodles can take up to six minutes to cook.

Chop suey noodles, vermicelli, rice-based noodles, Udon, and ramen noodles will also work, but it's good to remember that the star of lo mein is the sauce more than the noodles.

You can swap egg noodles with pasta noodles like spaghetti, but the latter has less protein. As a result, it has less bite, but some baking soda can fix that.