Parsley on a wooden table.
How To Store Parsley In The Fridge For Weeks Of Freshness

Fresh parsley has many great attributes, but a long-lasting shelf life is not one of them. However, storing it in a refrigerator can preserve its freshness for a week or longer.

Wrapping parsley in a paper towel and sealing it in a plastic bag is an effective method for refrigerating the fresh herb, but it is not the sole technique for extending its shelf life.

Another excellent method involves storing it in a jar filled with water. Begin by trimming about half an inch from the bottoms of the parsley stems and plucking off any wilted or brown leaves.

Place the parsley in a jar or glass containing about an inch of cold water. Cover the parsley leaves loosely with an inverted plastic bag, secured with a rubber band, then refrigerate.

The plastic bag prevents parsley from drying out and acts as a barrier against oxygen, which causes brown leaves. Discard the water and replace it with cold water every few days.