Frappuccino on table
How To Spike Your Starbucks Vanilla Latte For A Tasty Kick

Starbucks’ drinks can be taken in a more mature direction. Their vanilla latte provides a sweet yet relatively blank canvas for any number of alcohol pairings.

Consider the latte’s components when choosing your pairings. Woody flavors, which pair well with smooth espresso and creamy vanilla, are the best types of rum for mixing.

Subtle, fruity whiskey also pairs well with light-roast espresso and vanilla. Alternatively, tequila brings out an earthy flavor further emphasized by the woodiness of vanilla.

If you want a cold option for summer, order your vanilla latte iced and blended into a Frappuccino, then add tequila, rum, or whiskey to the chilly drink.

You can also top your drink off with additional complementary flavors. For example, a blonde espresso in your vanilla latte pairs well with fruit.