Two hands slicing a watermelon with a large knife
How To Slice Watermelon Into Easy Grab-And-Go Sticks
You can slice a watermelon into evenly sized sticks with this simple trick that only requires a sharp knife and a round, medium-sized watermelon.
Half your watermelon and flip one half on the cutting surface so the rind faces up. Imagine you’re drawing a grid on the melon, then cut it into slices of an inch and a half each.
Once all the slices are cut, turn the entire melon half 90 degrees. Using the same width as your guide, cut the melon into square-shaped columns to get your watermelon sticks.
You can serve these watermelon sticks using the rind as a handle or trim off the rind and use a skewer to make watermelon skewers. You can also cut the sticks again to make cubes.