Pizza cutter against a white background
How To Sharpen A Pizza Cutter Without A Trip To The E.R.
When it comes to sharpening pizza cutters, some methods are more dangerous than others. Using a specialized sharpener is your best bet to sharpen the tool safely.
One version of pizza cutter sharpeners includes a non-stick base you can place on a counter and roll the cutter through, letting the sharpener file all angles of the blade.
Unlike other methods, a sharpener designed for pizza cutters doesn't require holding the blade still. Since you manually sharpen it, there is less risk of injury.
The next best option is a knife sharpener. However, it requires you to hold the blade in place to keep it from spinning, which can prove dangerous.
To prevent dulling, clean the cutter after every use. Avoid the dishwasher, cutting on a pizza stone, or storing in a drawer full of other metal utensils.