Pancakes stacked on a plate.
How To Season Your Pancake Batter For Irresistible Flavor

Some critics argue that store-bought pancake batters sacrifice flavor for convenience, but adding spices from your kitchen cupboards can help elevate a standard boxed mix.

Incorporate seasonings like cinnamon or vanilla into the batter before cooking to ensure the spices are evenly spread throughout.

Let your spiced box batter rest for a few minutes, as the leaveners need time to activate. You may also sprinkle some spices on your finished pancakes for further wow factor.

Incorporate cinnamon or cocoa for a quick yet tastier breakfast dish. Start small with a sprinkle of the seasonings and work your way up to taste.

Pumpkin spice and peppermint can be used to make the perfect autumn and winter pancakes, respectively. Gingerbread, snickerdoodle, or chai spice mixes also work well.