Cantaloupe half with seeds
How To Season Cantaloupe For Additional Sweet, Juicy Flavor
Cantaloupe already packs a sweet and juicy flavor, but surprisingly, seasoning the melon with spicy black pepper can make its sweetness stand out even more.
The sweet and sharp flavors play off one another, enhancing the sweet but mild melon. Pepper isn’t the only seasoning that can take cantaloupe’s flavor to a new level.
Sea salt has a similar effect to black pepper. You could also try spices like cumin for a more earthy flavor or herbs such as thyme for a Mediterranean twist.
Warm spices like nutmeg also add extra sweetness. Pennsylvania Dutch communities even make a cantaloupe spread by boiling the melon with spices, sugar, and vinegar.
Spiced cantaloupe even makes for a great salad. It pairs well with savory and fresh toppings like sliced cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella balls, and salami.