Hand opening cracked egg
How To Salvage Egg Yolks When Your Recipe Only Calls For Whites

If you have any experience baking, you’ve probably encountered some recipes that call for egg whites, and if you regret tossing those extra yolks, there’s an easy way to save them.

While freezing is generally a safe way to preserve foods for long periods, it won’t work for egg yolks since the proteins in the yolk will form a cluster causing textural issues.

However, this issue can simply be solved by whisking simple syrup into the yolks before storing them, which will prevent them from clumping as they freeze.

Make a simple syrup of two parts sugar to one part warm water and allow the sugar to dissolve. Then add ¾ of a teaspoon of cooled simple syrup per four egg yolks and whisk together.

The resulting eggs will last in the freezer without any texture issues, and the slight sweetness from the simple syrup will make them perfect for baking or a batch of French toast.

If you don’t have any upcoming baking projects, you can achieve the same effect with a simple pinch of salt whisked into the eggs.

Freeze your eggs in an ice tray, with one yolk per cube, or in a Ziploc bag labeled with the number of yolks within so you can keep track of your amounts.