Cut up watermelon on a plate with flowers
How To Repurpose The Remaining Scraps Of Watermelon
Watermelons are too good to let any part of them go to waste, and the good news is you don’t have to toss out the extra melon. There is a simple way to use every bit of it.
Making watermelon ice cubes is a great low-waste way to use and enjoy all of the leftovers and preserve them for longer in the freezer, allowing you to savor every last bit.
Remove the rind and seeds before pureeing the leftover watermelon in a blender until it’s silky smooth, then pour the puree into ice cube trays and place them in the freezer.
This trick adds a unique and refreshing twist to your drink and it prolongs the lifespan of the fruit to about eight months. Just make sure to use an airtight container.
Other fun ways to use watermelon scraps include mashing it up with veggies to make gazpacho soup, blending it with other fruits to make a smoothie, or even make salsas and salads.