Freeze-dried strawberries on a white surface
How To Rehydrate Freeze-Dried Fruit With Delicious Results

Freeze-dried fruits can be enjoyed as is for a crisp snack or topping, but they can also be rehydrated into their original forms in terms of texture, flavor, and even appearance.

When soaked in a liquid, freeze-dried fruits quickly absorb the liquid like a sponge. Be it water, juice, liquor, wine, or tea, any liquid can be used to rehydrate them.

Many suggest a one-to-one ratio of water to freeze-dried fruits, but that doesn't always work, as the amount of liquid the fruits absorb varies depending on certain factors.

Start by putting your freeze-dried fruit in a shallow bowl, and add enough liquid to make a shallow pool at the bowl’s bottom. Stir every minute until all the liquid is absorbed.

If needed, add another splash of liquid, stir, and give it a second to absorb. Note that you can use hot or cold liquid depending on the intended use of the freeze-dried fruit.

For instance, use hot water to rehydrate freeze-dried strawberries for a warm oatmeal topping. Conversely, use cold water to rehydrate freeze-dried blueberries to stir into yogurt.

With a hot liquid, freeze-dried fruits take 5 to 10 minutes to rehydrate fully, and a bit longer with a cold liquid. Once rehydrated, the fruits will taste and look fresh again.