Layers of semicircular slices of watermelon
How To Pick The Tastiest Watermelon At The Store
There’s nothing quite like biting into a cold, crisp, refreshing slice of watermelon on a hot day, but picking a sub-par watermelon can leave you with a mushy, flavorless dessert.
To pick a perfectly ripe watermelon, there are several ques to pay attention to from its shape and skin characteristics to what it sounds like.
For a sweet, sugary fruit, you’ll want to pick a heavy watermelon with a web-like texture of dark, dry spots, and uniform stripes that are distinctly and deeply colored.
Look for the field spot, a circular coloration where the fruit rested on the ground. Whiter, lighter spots will indicate a less flavorful fruit, so search for a yellow-orange spot.
Lumps, bumps, or an odd shape can indicate the fruit wasn’t pollinated correctly or watered regularly. Shiny skin and a greenish stem indicate the fruit hasn’t fully ripened.
The best watermelons will be heavy as sweeter fruits will be denser, and they’ll emit a deep, hollow sound when given a gentle knock.