Person holding pomegranates at store
How To Pick The Tastiest Pomegranate At The Store
The road to pomegranate-picking expertise starts with discerning a few simple attributes. Look out for vibrant red skin, blemish-free smoothness, and a firm, not soft, exterior.
You should also heed the fruit’s size and weight. If it's too small or too light, the inner seeds may be bland and dry due to being picked before the fruit is fully ripe.
Opt for a pomegranate that's roughly 2 ½ to 5 inches wide and relatively heavy. Doing so will ensure the semi-transparent, edible arils that cover the tiny red seeds are juicy.
As each aril expands, it pushes against the exterior skin, making it firm and taut. Expanding arils can also slightly change the round shape, creating flat, square-like areas.
Hence, it’s best to pick pomegranates that give a bit of resistance when pressed gently, and avoid any that feel light or pliable. Lastly, opt for vibrant colors over paler ones.