Rotisserie chicken on a spit.
How To Pick Out The Best Supermarket Rotisserie Chicken

When it comes to rotisserie chicken, many wonder how to pick the best one. Fortunately, it's simple: Rely on your senses.

Aim for a juicy bird that looks and smells good, feels heavy, and is hot. The chicken should be intact, not falling off the bone or slippery to touch through the bag.

When a bird feels lighter, the juices may have cooked out. This can also be an indication of meat that is dry or has been sitting too long.

Pay close attention to the time the store documented the cooking start time and the sell-by time. Obviously, choosing the freshest bird is ideal.

If you want to keep your menu options open, avoid buying a seasoned bird, as you limit yourself to only certain dishes, plus extra sauces and spices may include even more sodium.