A barista holding a Starbucks drink.
How To Make The Most Of Starbucks' Free Drink Refills

If you are a Starbucks account holder, you can use your membership to get free drink refills, and there are several ways to take full advantage of this benefit.

According to Starbucks, if you use your app or Starbucks card to purchase a drink at certain locations, you'll get free refills if you present the same card or app again.

You're only eligible for the free refill during the same visit, and specialty drinks don't qualify for the deal either; only cold brew or hot or iced coffee or tea will work.

You can order a specialty drink and then go back and get a free refill of drip hot coffee and add steamed milk and syrup, giving you two drinks for the price of one.

Keep in mind that extra pumps of syrup or sauce cost sixty cents. If you don't mind sitting around in the store for a while, Starbucks' free refills could save you a lot of money.