Halved grilled cheese sandwiches on cutting board
How To Make Grilled Cheese Sandwiches With A Hot Iron

If you're stuck in a hotel with no access to a stovetop or toaster, a clothing iron can help cook a perfect grilled cheese sandwich as long as you ensure there’s no contamination.

Since irons aren’t exactly sanitary enough for cooking, be sure to create a barrier between the tool and the sandwich using a food-safe wrapping that can withstand the iron's heat.

Parchment paper and aluminum foil can both work, but foil is a better option, as it holds heat inside the wrapping, so the sandwich doesn't cool off as you move the iron around.

Once the outer bread is coated in mayonnaise or butter to prevent sticking and the sandwich is wrapped, heat your iron to the hottest temperature and press it onto the sandwich.

While doing so, ensure the iron's steam setting is off. You'll know your sandwich is fully cooked once the cheese has melted and the outer bread is lightly browned and crusty.