Baguettes stacked on top of each other.
How To Keep Baguettes Fresh For More Than 2 Days

There are ways to save your baguette from going stale without gorging yourself on an entire loaf in one sitting. These methods of preservation aren't complicated, either.

Baguettes go stale faster than other bread types because their fluffy texture comes from a lack of binding fats that trap moisture inside the crumb, like oil and butter.

Keeping bread in an airtight environment will slow the rate it becomes stale, so tightly encasing a baguette in aluminum foil will keep out moisture and help it last longer. 

The best process is to completely vacuum-seal the loaf, but since not everyone owns such a machine, you can squeeze all the air out of a plastic bag with a zipper instead.

A word of caution, though: Storing bread in plastic will make its crust softer, but toasting a slice will help return the crispiness to its exterior.

Freezing a baguette is another great way to keep it from going stale. Freeze individual slices of the baguette and thaw them when needed by heating them in an oven or toaster.