Three glasses of coffee with various add-ins
How To Give Homemade Olive Oil Coffee A Personal Twist
Olive oil and coffee are an unlikely duo, yet Starbucks has embraced this emerging trend with their Oleato line. Enthusiasts praise the combination's rich, nutty flavors.
If your local Starbucks doesn’t offer Oleato beverages, you can easily add a drizzle of olive oil to your coffee at home, or blend it with steamed milk for a creamier texture.
This DIY approach lets you tailor the amount of olive oil to your taste. Whether it's a tablespoon per eight-ounce cup of coffee, more, or less, it's all about what you prefer.
Experimenting with different olive oils is also key. Delicate oils add a subtle butteriness, medium oils give a peppered fruitiness, and robust oils offer intense peppery notes.
Mixing and matching olive oils with coffee blends can yield a variety of flavors. Try pairing a bold, medium roast with a herbaceous oil, or a fruity blend with a delicate oil.
With its growing fan base, sampling olive oil coffee is becoming a must for adventurous coffee lovers. It's also a simple way to spark up your morning ritual with new flavors.