Potato salad served on a plate.
How To Freeze Any Potato Salad, Store-Bought Or Homemade

When storing potato salad in the fridge, it can last up to three or four days. Freezing potato salad is a bit more complicated.

If you freeze potato salad, it's best to do so immediately after making or buying it. Freeze it in a flat, single layer to maintain its textural integrity when it thaws.

Sturdier potato varieties like red-skinned or Yukon Gold are likely to fare better during freezing. It's also important to consider the ingredients in the dish.

Freezing potato salad will alter the texture, look, and taste, making it less appetizing once thawed. Store it in a freezer-safe bag and serve it warm.

Stored this way, potato salads can last around three months in the freezer, though the less time they spend there, the better.