Cleaning the door of an oven.
How To Easily Clean In Between The Glass Panes Of Your Oven

After cleaning an oven, there's nothing more frustrating than noticing that the door's window is still dirty. However, the job is more manageable with a few pieces of tape.

When removing the screws from an oven door, the parts may spring apart, which would be a nightmare to reassemble. With two pieces of strong tape, you can hold the door together.

Ensure the oven is cool and dry before you begin. It's critical to use a very sticky, flexible tape to hold the door together, so steer clear of masking, Scotch, or painter's tape.

Evenly place two spaced-out pieces of duct tape on the oven door, adhering to the outside door panel, handle, and the inside panel. Once in place, remove the screws.

Once loosened, peel back the tape to release the inside door panel, keeping the handle and outside panel connected. This allows you to lift it out of the way to clean the glass.

Once the surface is clean, lower the inside panel and reattach the duct tape, ensuring the parts line up. You can then replace the screws effortlessly and tighten them.