Gloved hand wiping a cabinet with a sponge
How To Easily Clean Cooking Oil Splatter Off Your Kitchen Walls
Cleaning up oil splatter doesn’t have to be difficult if you have the proper cleaning solution. Usually, all you need is white vinegar, mild soap, and water to clean your walls.
Before doing a full cleaning, you’ll want to do a spot test to make sure your cleaning efforts won’t scratch, discolor, or otherwise damage your wall.
For the cleaning solution, proper mixing is essential. The correct proportion of ingredients is three cups of water to one cup of white vinegar, with half a cup of mild dish soap.
Use two containers: one for your cleaning solution, and the other for plain water. You should also have two wrung out sponges to clean and rinse with.
With the cleaning sponge in hand, gently wipe your walls. Then, rinse the walls using the second sponge and plain water. After that, just let the wall dry.